Read out loud….

A for Apna Apple

B for Bada Apple

C for Cursed Apple

D for Doomed Apple

E for Ek Aur Apple

F for Fresh’ie’ Apple

G for Gumsuda Apple

H for Hara’mi’ Apple

I for Iklota Apple

J for Jabardast Apple

K for Kam’ina’ Apple

L for Lambu Apple

M for  Massless Apple

N for Newton’s Apple

O for  Ob da! Apple!!!

P for Pil’pila’ Apple

Q for  Quadrangle mein pada Apple

R for Rangeela Apple

S for Sued Apple

T for Trifling Apple

U for Umang bhara Apple

V for  Viable Apple

W for Whacked Apple

X for  Xenophobic Apple

Y for  Yearning Apple

Z for Zapped Apple

Replace Apple with your name…..

Special thanks to : Prahlad aka Baba


4 thoughts on “Read out loud….

  1. what crap! it removed words between arrow brackets!

    another try :-
    ah.. echo – | sed -e “s/Apple/Hulalalahu” gave perfectly sensible results…

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