Fossconf presentation: Hashstyling and prelinks

I recently gave a talk on Horse powering your linux system at the fossconf in chennai.It was supposed to be 30min lecture, but i was late for the lecture owing to my lack of knowledge of the chennai city.I mis located the venue of the conference, and thanks to a student of the anna univ or i would have done it the second time too.When i reached there, i lost most of my audience ( it was advanced level lecture, their geeky ego got hurt 🙂 ). So by the time i started , most of the guys were newbies and enthusiasts.It became a drill in place of lecture.Everything was like a bolt from the blue.I had to explain eveything, right from scratch, and some of them really made me scratch my dandruff :P.

Anyway here are the sildes, enjoy.


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