Back in the Arena…


Quizzse make you do random and do not do at any cost type of things.It can be whatever blah , shit etc for you, for me it’s going back to gentoo.In case you don’t know what gentoo is , the small image is enough to explain, don’t get it? CLICK the image.Still no clue, then better use the cross in red box on the right top corner of your browser window, it will save you n00bies some ‘faltu’ time.

It’s been months since last time i was on gentoo.But why do one have to leave Gentoo on the first place?depends. In my case it was overkill of time while compiling a custom gentoo build.I had to do some typical mugging etc. to get my cgpa in the all respectable range of 8.0+, and lot of design work which can only be done in windows.During the time i spent on gentoo, i developed into a big freak. At times i never used to have a clue of which slot of the day( night included 😉 ) i am working in.

I explained the problem to senior nerds/geeks of the insti namely Ch!tt0r and mOturi.Both of them had only one advice.Do not waste time in third year.Anyway i wasn’t doing anything specific in linux which can’t be done in windows.All i had was a small piece of software which was to be ported to .NET anyway.So i dumoped a custom compiled gentoo! I didn’t even create an image of the installation, as that would have compelled me again and again to have some fun.

But now this sem arrived with anything but studies.outcome of which is ‘fulltoo’ free time.I can overkill.There are some tasks also to complete, which you will come to know in the subsequent posts.

And something weird happened? After the installation i wasn’t happy with the look and feel of KDE-3.5.6. I tried lot of styles etc. put a full Kore Mod, but still i was pained.It looked sick.The reason was the crystalXP theme i was using on windows.It’s SEXY.I had to do something. Luck prevailed for once and i logged into gnome, just to check it out.I had never used gnome before.It was faster and looked more solid than KDE. But It never appealed to my eyes, until i saw some screenshots shared by a l33t and they were smooth and appealing( read SEXY).There i was; MOD max for last three days.I tried almost all the themes in gnome.Finally settled with the black theme; again thanks to Vista inspirat2.1.

That’s it!!!Keep watching the space for few more screenshots.I am trying to embed a google presentation , but wordpress doesn’t support it.


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