Orkut Spam!! Stop filling my scrapbook.

Donโ€™t fuckin paste

Saw some of those in your scrapbook.I guess if you have followed the steps in the mail, expecting to see some magic.

I am sure 9/10 times it’s only your friends who see the magic.The script copies itself to all of your friends scrapbook.

For heaven’s sake, next time you get such scraps paste them in google, not URL.

You will save everyone a lot of trouble.

And if any google guy is reading this post.



5 thoughts on “Orkut Spam!! Stop filling my scrapbook.

  1. Chill Hulle,
    Mind you, blog isn’t the best way to communicate this very important stuff, and if you’re seriously concerned about it, use that f*****g “scrap to all” script to convey your words to all your friends, which might, if they use a lil of their mind, stop them ALL from doing (clicking n testing) that in future!

    No arbit feelings, just expressing myself! (Airtel rocks!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i don’t want my own message to bounce back 30 times….. and my blog is quite a good place to show concerns…. it gets quite some hits everyday :).
    and i am bothered only abt the people in my frnds list, and quite a lot of them read my blog. ๐Ÿ˜›

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