My first GIMP creation ( Concept:picasa :P )

This is a creation with which i started my gimp 101 course.I saw such effects in picasa, and set out to do it myself in gimp and not photoshop. Photoshop is just tooooo bulky to get my admiration. I like softies lite, and by no means i will need any photoshop features which GIMP doesn’t support.
Some tips on layers and few transparency effects were good for a start.
but the effect produced was not pleasing enough.The background image was coming too strong on the front “think linux” layer.
So i tried i few blur types and then got the finish i wanted.But still something was not quite right, i generally tried the hue and sauturations and then the B/W just set the themes right.
Here is the high resolution wall for your download.
Plz use this link, rapidshare:
And for unfortunate IIT Souls:
I declare it GPL. 😛

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