A great opportunity missed :(

Last two days have been awesome for my blog page.I shared this icon set called hula collection on kde-look and it literally overflowed my blog with hits.I received 800+ hits in the last 24 hours.I was happy as never before. I received mails of icon pack developers and lot others praising the collection.Then what have i missed?

I missed a free rapidshare premium account!!!


well partly due to bad luck and partly due to ignorance.I uploaded 2 files on mihd.net. Each have been downloaded over 800 times and still counting.That makes it 1600+ downloads. In rapidshare you get a point everytime your file is downloaded.For 3000 points you get a free premium account for 3 months. That would have been enough for all insti-lan requirements.well i knew that policy beforehand.so, that’s ignorance.

You all can curse me if you want to, but it happened.But, i think i can still make it.I have changed the links to rapidshare and already collected 100 points in 2hrs. I have some more mouth licking iconsets in store. so keep your fingers crossed.


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