Free icons and the geek survey!!!

The hula collection

Today evening i was browsing through the forgotten folders in my computer.There i found lying this awesome collection of icons.I collected these icons over a period of 1 year from different website. I recently downloaded Gimp and wanted to give it a shot. So i packed everything i was doing and went on to create a collage of a few icons. I randomly selected these icons and gave some rotates, some moving around, shuffling and then i came to the last part to give some gradient in the background.

After trying some combinations, i was confused among these two. I rolled on gtalk and sent it randomly to anyone who had a green light on.I was asking do you like the greenish yellow background or the blue back, and gave them 5 secs to answer.

after a few people i recognized a pattern.All the geeks liked the greenish background.All the others with one exception liked the blue back.Even the photo artists loved the blue back.

SO, decide what you are. Geek or non-geek. I am a geek( ob ).

The link to Kde-look page is

And ya this post was for free icons. right! Well here is your gift.

I badly need a rapidshare account. Plz use only these Rapidshare links:

Icon set 1: Windows+linux

Icon set 2 :Linux only

In case you are not able to use above links: links:

Icon set 1

Icon set 2

PS: Don’t sue me for sharing icons.These are all under GPL.


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