Thou shall be hanged till death

I have really tested the endurance of readers with my mathematical catastrophes.But they just keep getting better and better, and i can only strangle to parry the blow.This time it’s hot and fresh with the label “Algorithmic graph theory“.I get insomnia by just hearing that word “theory”, and when served with mathematics, no connoisseur can challenge it’s stature as a perfect mass murderer.

Feeling lost? Let’s get some background.

Graph theory is a fundamental subject taught to CS(read Comp-Sci) junta in 3rd sem to help them solve highly complex problems, which can’t be tackled by direct iteration.This is a full sem course and some of my batch mates still feel the traces of “swirling vortex of entropy”( read chaos!) somewhere deep inside.The algorithmic graph theory is gen NeXt in this series.Today was my face-off with the course.

It all started pleasantly.Starting with boolean expressions and some basic definitions, prof. suddenly sentenced more than 15 souls.How? “I hope you all are very familiar with graph theory.It’s a basic maths course.must have done it in your freshmen year.”

All the btech’s were sitting there with there jaw dropped two floors.But 40 others( i mean Mtech’s yaar) were nodding their heads with a satisfied grin on their face. we understood that we all were at the wrong place, and the statement wasn’t for us. All of us asked the prof to repeat the basics for us , as we were in good number.But the second satement was a killer which i am yet not able to fathom

“I can’t teach graph theory.You can read it yourself.follow this book by F. harary,just 200 pages or so, which contains beautiful examples.Try to finish half of the exercises and you will be fit for this course.It’s a week’s job for Btechs.”This time my jam really slammed hard on the floor.


If anyone reading this post have explanation, plz, i request you to care for my broken jaw and write a nice & elaborate solution.If not tell me how much will you take to kill him.

or else fulfill my last request,where should i go and die? I want a better option than “hanged till death”.


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