Hooray!! I survived the catastrophe!!!

Yay, it’s the follow up of my last doomed post!!! I had that exam today, and i don’t need to mention that it took the whole night to get the feel of things(and my first nightout!!!! surprised).I generally don’t give a damn to 5-10 marks and crash off early, but here every breadth was matter of C(pass ) and U(fail!!!).Today again it was the bulb day, i got the simplest answer wrong!!!! it’s becoming a perennial problem.

Thanks to patro(uttam ) and you for all the good luck wishes. Prof must have had some good day( or night 😉 ), ‘coz he gave a paper solvable by just the feel of things. Yet again i was very lucky (first was dean’s viva).The sem was a catastrophe with all the prof’s having a mindset that their’s is the only course we are attending, and that we are very diligent.

Now it’s the chill time.Exams are over and i am here for 10 more days with the LAN which have movies and stuff you can never finish and get bored with.I have a big list of movies to watch and a lot of websites to visit.Cheers to holidays….


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