The Naval carnage!!!!

What question will totally stump you in an instrumentation viva.

  1. A relation between LVDT accelerometer and voltage calibration?
  2. Some breathtakingly painful formula with 18 embedded variables?
  3. What did you learn from the lab (which you mostly spend sleeping)?
  4. What’s your CGPA?
  5. Which hostel are you from?
  6. How frequently do you smoke or/and drink?

Now if you are an IITian(or anywhere else, all deans are same) and the Professor is Dean, guess the order and weightage of the above questions.

Just some help:

Viva for 20 students went on from 10am – 3pm.

only 2 got all clear(lucky me 🙂 )

1 got relab

8 got reviva and resubmission

others resubmission

and 1 packed, thinking it will be waste of time to face him(he was suffering from conjunctivitis, hope the excuse works).

and as per now 8 of them are planning to drop his course next sem.

Do write your answer, if you are a nav arch junior, seriously note down the order.You sure need it.


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