why does it always happen to me. again and again , and yet again.

I have got (not taken!!) my minor as Mathematical computer Science. I was casually reded by my seniors to be careful , to take interest in the subject and study hard , if i want to pass the course.I did so( at least ostensibly!!). I prepared well for first quiz.Doomed!!! I was expecting 75% marks and got 27%. That was big enough a shock to get me working non ostensibly.

Hence, I prepared better for the second quiz.Probably the best effort i ever put for a quiz in my student career.Te exam was way simpler than expected.I came out happy from the exam hall.Then the marks arrive.DOOMED!!!!

This time i was completely pissed off. 33% while expecting 66% for sure. I have 15 marks out of 50 at the end of two quizzes.I need atleast 30 out of the final 50 to pass the course. well with the present rate i remember only one thing.”abhi dilli door hain.”

I don’t know what gets in my head when i am writing that particular exam.Damn foolish silly mistakes.Now i am well on my way to my first ‘U'(real KAPPA). After all these mishaps, i am not sure of getting through even if it put everything to it. I am all on the mercy of the PROF.Pray for me, I will need as much luck and wishes as i can get.


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