!@Gentoo… i killed my baby

While folks around me were sporting their sweaters and warming their blankets, enjoying i was trifling my decision of going for a kill!!!! It was this baby lying in GIMP with cropper hanging over it. Should i do it, I have spent 2 years with it.Gentoo have never betrayed me.It was always there, standing tall in the tough times, when all the windows were closed.

Darn me.How can I even think of doing it.Forgot all those good times together. But there are new avenues to discover. I have to move ahead.Make space for new things.

And on the spur of a moment it happened.I cropped it.The deision was made. I was up for the kill!!! within 2 mins i was watching a newly born baby from the window, and i had a partition named !Gentoo H:\.



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