When you are in a funk

We all have times when our energy is just blah, and we are generally in a pissy mood.It keeps happening to me again and again. Now after long time i have got through it.But instead of taking out that frustration on our work or people, better learn to identify those down cycles coming our way.
The main thing with cycles is to roll with them and not fight with them.If you are in a high cycle, ride that wave. Get great work done and enjoy your energy. During down cycles when your energy is lagging, your emotions are more edgy, and you want to throw in the towel, just ride it out. Know that an up cycle is on its way. It is inevitable!

If i have a down cycle, i generally try to work a lot and sleep more. It works for me most of the time.

What do you do in your down cycles, Let’s hear in comments.


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