Sorry you have been rejected!!!!!

I appeared for an online talent assesment test for Standard Chartered Today.There were some uncountable no. of questions which you were supposed to answer in less than 30 min. I did upto the expectations and here are the results.

Dear Anuj

Thank you for applying to the Internship Programme and completing the online Talent Assessment.

We have reviewed your assessment and regret to advise that your profile does not match the requirements we are looking for in our Interns.

We are sure that you appreciate the importance of applying a fair and consistent selection policy to all applicants. Therefore we trust you will understand why we are unable to take your application further.

We realise that this may be a disappointment to you and, on behalf of Standard Chartered, we wish you every success in your search for the right career opportunity.

If you would like to appeal against this decision please email us on:

Best wishes
The International Graduate Recruitment Team
Standard Chartered Bank

Some other friends of mine are attempting the test and i am still hoping to hear some success.
Best of luck guys. if you want to try the test Click here.


2 thoughts on “Sorry you have been rejected!!!!!

  1. just for update,
    Tattu(varun) actually got through the first round, but as an HR and not technology & Operations!!! Bulb Max!!
    god only…

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