Brain Drain!!! excerpts from TOI

A record number of Indians, both visitors and students, went to the US last year. With 80,000 Indian students already on American campuses, over 50,000 more applied to go to the US last year — the highest number ever. And for the third year running, Indians comfortably beat the Chinese in being the largest foreign student community in the US, according to US government figures.
Overall, 407,000 Indians travelled to the US in 2006, a jump of 18% over the previous year, said Maura Harty, assistant secretary for consular affairs in the US state department.
While 100,000 Americans came to India in 2006, she said, US missions in India issued some 541,400 visas to Indians. Harty said India was set to be one of the top 10 countries sending visitors to the US. Confirming the trend of the past few years, she added, ‘‘We welcome Indians to America.’’

well, why won’t you Madam Harty.You are getting Gold in exchange of rags!!!


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