Idle Indians : what a same!!!!

A few days ago whole Darjeeling was celebrating the triumph of their lad in Indian Idol. Even today they are celebrating, but in a different mood by burning setting their home to flames!!!
And how did it actually happen? Well, Out of the trillion Radio Channels out there, some A**h*le radio jockey (RJ) made derogatory remarks on Prashant Tamang. The singer wasn’t complaining and was fount saying “there is nothing like this…….. it is a misunderstanding. Nitin (RJ) has not said anything of that sort.”
But who cares. That was more than enough to give our Idle Indian Junta some real time pass. Who else would have had time to go out and spend time setting vehicles ablaze, including Police Jeeps (!!!), shops attacked and brickbats exchanged. They also prevented an ambulance headed for a nearby hospital from passing.
I wasn’t to ask one question.
When will we Indians develop some commonsense??!!!!
In my short life i have witnessed lot of such incidents happening all over the place.A comedy show anchor on the idiot box said shahrukh is good for nothing & what follows?Two guys who were very good friends had a lethal fight.
What has happened to india or i should say, what will happen with india ,if this continues.


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