This exquisite piece of literature mastered by JOHN GRISHAM portrays the fall of the most successful broker Washington had ever witnessed. The outgoing president of USA granted a speculated and rather controversial pardon to Joel Backman in the eleventh hour, who had spent last six years in a federal prison. The actual reason behind the pardon was the enormous pressure of CIA. It was speculated that the broker in his heyday, acquired the secrets that compromise the security of the world’s most sophisticated, state of the art satellite surveillance system.

Backman was smuggled out of the federal prison to Italy. He now had a new name, new ID, and a new home. Well the home part was rather skeptical. It kept changing every week and sometimes even before a week. He was put through rigorous training of Italian etiquettes and culture by a personal tutor. His every step was closely watched and reported back to CIA headquarters. A lot of people out there wanted to skim his head off his hood. The
CIA was sure he is going to die but who‘ll get his head was the question.

Before going to Jail he was trying to sell a unknown stealth satellite system named “NEPTUNE” discovered by three pakistani scientists while trying to locate foreign surveillance satellites.They hacked into these satellites and rendered control oner them.They never had any idea to whom Neptune belonged. It was not a US system, hence CIA was interested in finding the real owner.

The CIA planted the bomb and was now doing what it’s best at, Sit back and watch. Marco Lazzeri aka Joel backman was left assured by frequent threats that, the only chance of his survival was to quickly melt in the Italian espresso. He was to leave no trail, for the slightest chances of his survival. Marco put his bone and marrow in adapting him to the place, but he never understood the idea of spending so heavily on teaching & disguising him as Italian while he can be left in places like NZ or GB. It‘ll be helluva lot easier for him to adjust there.

He was no ordinary man & was getting more and more skeptical. In the meantime he started planning his great escape. This book gets slow in between but the impeccable narration, the plot, Drama, Suspense and thriller makes it a must read.

PS:You will understand Italians much better by the time you finish reading it.


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