SlideShow in Blogger: how to?

One of my favourite past time is to collect wallpapers.

So, i thought adding a slideshow of my collection here. It’s very simple, just follow these steps…

1. Sign into Picasa web albums.

2. Upload some pics or walls you like.

3. Create an album of these pics.

4.Then click on the album to see the pics, on the left side you will see something like this

5.After clicking on it you will see this box. Select the size of the slide show. A URL will be generated in the yellow box.

Copy and paste the from the yellow field of the box to the HTML view of your Blog editor in between these ” div and /div” tags or you can paste it before any “/div” .

That it. Happy Blogging….

You can add slideshows from Flickr too, but there is a restriction on the space and other requirements. I like to stick with GOOGLE for most of the things :-).

PS: this is applicable only for websites with javascript and flsh enabled.It won’t work with wordpress.


3 thoughts on “SlideShow in Blogger: how to?

  1. how do I put my slideshow in the Blogger layout (gadgets slideshow). I don’t want to use html but require in the slideshow gadget provided when we put it under layout. Slideshow usually will be shown on left or right side of your blogger. I use photobucket.


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