Mega b’day blast…..

11:49 PM 7th September, My nap was snapped by Yawps & High-pitch-fart, walking out of my room i found the corridor full, and realized, all were waiting desperately, passing threats to doodh and discussing most deadliest tactics.
If you haven’t guessed it yet(you must be lame to do so!!!), these were the preprations for the Bumps session of the newly Proclaimed “Fart GOD” of our wing, who had surpassed Anty by a definite margin to get the title.
Anna was trying to justify his “hacksaw-in-the-Ass” idea, while neta was all ready with his hockey leg guards.Bhondu was settled with his bucket of water.Anna was finally setteled with his “hawaii chappal”.Doodh was found literally begging for life to every soul around the corner.Finally going by the wing rules, the hits were fianlized *two bumps each + chappal shots (As Much As You Can????!!!)*. Doodh frowned, devils cheered.
The bells ranged and Ajinkya was one of the very few wished b’day before bumped hardcore.
Quadrangle was waiting and so were 5th wingers.Some problems here, none volunteered to lift as everyone wanted to HIT.dilli and hulli lifted & Finally it started………………………..

Dhamki>Moli>bachha>Anty-aah….>tattu-b*nc**d>anna>dhamki>mamme>bhondu>Chappal time>>>>>>Lifters changed> Hula-anna-double shot -aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…….> tattu> dhamki>dhamki?(WTF) > dilli> no stopping chappals now>>>>>>>>>>>>>>aah’s uh’s everywhere> Anty>Dhamki(too much!!!)>Hula> bachha>chappals-(Lando’s shot, too loud)……>>>>>>>Some more bumps>Dragging on the ground> anfield> pani ki balti>> ferocious dragging on the ground>PI>Some final hits>>>>> and the catastrophe ended for doodh.
Everyone wished him happy b’day(he was wearing his killer smile which earned him a lovely testimonial today).
Bhale and anna had satisfied looks on their faces, Dhamki on the other hand was crying-“Oye aur maro, mujhe 4 guna pade the” “yeh galat hain”…… Well i wasn’t there on dhamki’s b’day but i am very skeptical about his comments…….
That was one of the most ferocious Bumps session i have witnessed. Hail doodh for standing on his feet after those hardest of bumps & hottest of chappals.

Man, i am having very bad feelings abt MY DAY now(‘ll it be a B’day or D’day?????).

The treat followed, and all went well.I wish him happy returns for the rest of his b’day.



4 thoughts on “Mega b’day blast…..

  1. You really brought out everyone’s
    emotions ingeniously…
    An ideal description of how the immortals celebrate birthday…
    having vivid memories of what it takes to take on those fatal attacks i request the immortals to have mercy…

  2. Well, it turned out to be a happy 1 for our fart-Gawd at the end of the day, having received a beautiful colorful & “sneha”ful testi ! 😀

    Nicely covered hulle, the ‘Oooohs & Aaaahs’ in it!! Enjoyed it.

  3. Incidentally, you have described Dhamki to have hit 4 times.. Also the hockey match on the following evening was a celebration for our dear Mumbaikar.. hope that India crushes Korea in the finals

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