Walk to remember

This page was waiting for it’s first mark on the blogosphere for quite a while. If it remained unscribbled even after tonight’s incidents then dawn is nowhere in the horizon.
As a placement Representative(PR ), it was my first working day(or was it!!!) at the workshop by Lehman Brothers.
Reporting time was 4:00, which was stretched to 4:30. I was waiting for yells from irshad for ruining his Trading game ticket, but escaped it with some luck on my side.
Me & mamme were dormant in the IC&SR when other Representatitves were running around like ants have invaded their pants.
Doodh was concentrating hard to catch hold of some misfired bouncers by Lehman pros, and was also irritated by tattu’s Fart & Fundaes and his unforgettable workstation (No points for guessing…….. his cell!).
After filling our potbelly with chunks from friends burgers & sips of appy , it was finally working time, as the perks were at stake, and all around the place. Living by expectations, the two mortals did what they are very best at(No points for guessing again 😉 ), Souvenir Collection for other mortals .

So far so good, but you must be wondering where is the all hyped walk!!!!!!! Don’t give up, keep following….

The clock kept ticking and we kept dodging some more bouncers from the Pros, while some were standing tall and making a collection of books tagged in pounds, which were given as a reward for answering witty questions.
It was dinner time and the plates were full again but this time it was the domino effect which stole the show.
Moods were further lifted after monkey returned unharmed from the Lion’s Cave (Dean’s office).
Now the Unpredictable Chennai weather stole the show and poured like it rarely does. While we were busy adding to our stores of domino’s and coke’s for wing treat, rain was adding to it’s aroma and poured with full verve. The more we kept Eating and Waiting for the rain to stop, the harder it poured. The domino’s were getting colder, and Neta being the only one with a cycle and no chance of getting lift, four of us were left with no option but to walk back. Mamme and bachha arranged few plastic bags after some persuasion from bhale and me. After securing the Eatables and Electricals we left the shades and walked to the shadows.

The rain was all over us and we were socked through and through. Roads were full of water, and the mortals were all set for a lasting night. We crossed library and I turned to see a car stop by our side. Windscreens came down and I saw a cute face offering lift. I looked inside the car and observing my condition reluctantly refused the offer, although she gave “it’s-fine-with-me” expression on the refusal. She left but with an impression. Mixed feelings pervaded the atmosphere with bhale getting softhearted and mamme naughty (Remember 5 point someone>>>).

The walk continued and this time it was a scooterwala stopping at some distance, turned back, gave a look and left before bachha reached him. Another miss!!!! Then Bhale threw his vaguest of ideas deciding to empty a half-filled coke in the running water. He did it with verve and I am sure he is adding a post on his blog for this. Nothing odd followed and we reached hostel.

We emptied the eatables and Bhale announced the party. The empty corridors were filled with shor and the treat happened in the ganga fashion. Following it was the regular photo shoots in the most creative and pseudo-put poses.

DSC05288 DSC05284

It is still raining, while I am writing this post. All in all it was “the walk to remember”………..


7 thoughts on “Walk to remember

  1. great debut dude.. keep it up.. some similar incidents must be helpful to get other mortals also infected with the blogmania. For the literature part, some corrections required, and vocab was stud (apparently u have been reading a lot these days)

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